Written and Directed by Robert Scott

Director of Photography: Ella Gibbins

Music, Sound Design and Editing: Robert Scott

Production Design: Marie Schleimer

1st Assistant Director: Peter J. Dunlop

Produced by Robert Scott, Igor Shmaryan and Sofia Madden

Drama, completed 2013, duration 20 minutes

Awards: Best Narrative Short Santa Monica Independent Film Festival 2013, Official Selection Cinequest 2014, Official Selection NewFilmmakers New York 2015

16 year-old Jane wakes one morning to find both her parents dead after a drunken, drug-fueled night-gone-wrong. Instead of panicking or alerting the authorities, Jane calmly locks their bedroom door and carries on looking after her younger brother Sam, who - aside from noticing an increasing stench in the house - is unaware of his parents' fate. The children's unconventional reactions are explained by an abusive past, and Jane's challenge is to somehow find money for Sam's camp excursion. She succeeds in a novel way, and eventually steels herself to bury the bodies. But how long will Jane's secret be safe, especially with nosey do-good neighbour Mrs Vermin constantly prying into their lives?

Stars Emily Howarth as Jane, Javier Rodriguez as Sam and May Howlett as Mrs Vermin.

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