Awkward title

Written and Directed by Jared Beekhuyzen

Produced by Robert Scott

Director of Photography: Ella Gibbins

Edited by Jared Beekhuyzen and Robert Scott

Music and Sound Design: Robert Scott

Drama, completed 2015, duration 12 minutes

Nominated for Best Editing and Best Sound Editing at the 2018 Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema, New York

Life hasn't turned out entirely the way James had expected. Lonely, just needing to feel something, he visits a brothel for the first time. James negotiates his way through the hostess's awkward interview and finds himself in a room... with his best friend from primary school, Aimee.

Initially comic in its portrayal of an awkward situation, once the characters recognise each other there is a melancholy shift as we return to the world that James and Aimee inhabited as children.

In the end, each accepts where life has delivered the other. It's good this situation has brought them together, and there's a hint that Aimee had recognised James on the security camera before he was allowed into her room. They may play out the fantasy, but it will now be with a greater depth of understanding.

Stars Jared Beekhuyzen as James, Melisa Bactol as Aimee, Alexandra Dent as young Aimee and Justin Beyers as young James.