Girls and Ponies title

Directed by Robert Scott

Shot, edited and composed by Robert Scott

Experimental short, completed 2014, duration 4 minutes

Girls and Ponies is the first film in an experimental series of temporal harmonic films.

Shot during magic hour in rural New South Wales, on the surface the film is simply footage of three young women and some ponies strongly backlit by a golden setting sun.

Once the footage was cut together, however, it was overlaid upon itself with 50% opacity. This overlay gradually slows down until halfway through the film it is running at half the speed of the original, then gradually speeds up until by the end it is running at twice the speed of the original. The first and last frames of the original and the overlay are therefore identical.

The result is a fluid bending of time which blends movement, revealing graceful actions by the participants that would otherwise go unnoticed: the temporal equivalent of multiple harmonising notes creating a chord which is more interesting than the individual notes comprising it.

Stars Madison Scott, Kait Polkinghorne, Sarah Evans and the ponies Jack, Kate, Prince, Mickey and Lincoln.