A Journey to the Head of the River

Shot and Directed by Robert Scott

Music, Sound Design and Editing: Robert Scott

Documentary, completed 2012, duration 26 minutes

The Year 10 boys at Newington College will be seniors when the school's 150th anniversary comes around in two years' time. All stops are out to ensure that Newington will have a crew worthy of winning the coveted Head of the River regatta to be held in that year.

This film follows the crew, coaches and academic staff on the first year of their journey towards that goal.

As well as an examination of a sport which requires extreme fitness, concentration, discipline and teamwork, A Journey to the Head of the River explores the attitudes of boys on the cusp of manhood, grasping the gravitas of their mission but also just wanting to have some fun.

A Journey to the Head of the River was the director's major work in completing a Masters of Media Arts and Production degree at the University of Technology Sydney.