Of Dreams and Drawings title

Directed by Robert Scott

Based on the novel 'In Self Defence' by David Messer

Composed by Robert Scott

Cinematography by Ella Gibbins, Jack McAvoy, Tim Fay and Robert Scott

Art Direction by Marianne Sardelic

Illustrations by Chloe Harris

Feature film, completed November 2019

Duration 108 minutes

Stars Karina Bracken, Anthony Hodgkinson, Rob Johnson, Britta Louise, Minnie Latham, Greg Ferris, Maddy Butler, Zachary Scott, Mitchell Why, Kait Polkinghorne, Madison Scott, Penelope Day, Priya Bracken, Arabella Collet and Saul Baker.

Of Dreams and Drawings is an existential meditation on creativity, human contact or lack thereof, lethargy and escape into fantasy, ironically presented in the psychological thriller genre. Combining black and white and colour cinematography, there is ambiguity as to when the protagonist, Niva, is dreaming or living in reality. She has found herself stultified by the very imaginative force that once drove her creativity, retreating deeper into fantasies of a lost love, until the profound intrusion of a home invasion spurs her into clear and demonstrable action.

Shot on location in Sydney's inner-west suburbs of Newtown, Erskineville and Chippendale, and the bushland of the southern Blue Mountains.