Victims of Obsession title

Produced and Directed by Robert Scott

Director of Photography: Jack McAvoy

Music, Sound Design and Editing: Robert Scott

Production Design: Marianne Sardelic

Written by Robert Scott with Minnie Latham, Sean McCallum, Saul Baker and Karina Bracken

Mocudrama, completed 2015, duration 54 minutes

Beginning in documentary form, four characters - Sean, Minnie, Saul and Karina - answer questions about love, adoration and misplaced infatuation. As their answers evolve and it becomes clear that they are trapped in a rotating love quadrangle, the form segues into drama: Sean, the failed artist, is enamoured with Minnie, a curator at a classy gallery, who used Sean for a one-night stand but would rather forget him. She's in love with Tim the theatre entrepeneur, who is really Saul the forensic pathologist (he lies about his name and profession because girls don't like men who perform autopsies). Saul, however, can't stop thinking about a girl he met once at a country petrol station - Karina, who can't remember him at all, and anyway she's head over heels for Sean, the failed artist, who loves Minnie....

The consequences are tragic, with some salvation in the shape of a hapless metal flower.

Stars Sean McCallum as Sean, Minnie Latham as Minnie, Saul Baker as Saul and Karina Bracken as Karina.

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